12 January 2018

Yesterday, Little L, Littler B, and I accompanied T to the City Council Building in Knoxville where, just after noon, he became a citizen of the United States of America — 22 years after having left the Bahamas to attend

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Callaloo in the Mix

I woke up on New Year’s Day with callaloo on my mind. A Sunday staple in many homes in T&T and across the Caribbean, it is often cooked with crab and shares space on the plate with rice, stewed chicken, macaroni pie, plantains, and ground provisions. Somehow, I

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A Homecoming … and Leaving

Months of anticipation and longing were brought to an end over a period of ten days. Ten wonderful days that I was careful to savour because of, and despite, the swiftness of their passing. And there was truly much to relish on my recent trip to Trinidad: family, food, music, friends, warmth,

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